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Hip Shaper
Hip Shaper
Hip Shaper
Hip Shaper

Hip Shaper

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Hip Shaper is an Electrical Muscle Stimulator or EMS, which tones muscle and relax stiff muscle through the skin.

It is recognized as clinically proven, effective, non-medication method of training muscle from certain causes. It manages muscle strengthen, toning and firming.

It is also free from side effects when used properly, and can also be used as a simple means of self-training.

The method is scientifically underpinned and medically approved.


Technical Specification

  • Weight - Around 75g
  • Size - 45mm (Main machine), 37mm (Controller)
  • Type of battery - Coin battery CR2032 (Not included)
  • Output voltage - 54V (MAX)
  • Output current 0-45 MA
  • Suggested temperature of using environment - Around 15-35 C



  • 1 Gel Pad
  • 1 Controller
  • 1 User Manual